Walk In My Shoes 
A parent's greatest hope is that their children will feel welcome and safe at school. Children with developmental and health conditions are at an increased risk of bullying and isolation.  

Walk In My Shoes program activities are designed to create more welcoming school environments for all kids. Students will learn about challenges their peers face on a daily basis, develop empathy and compassion, and learn strategies to support their 

The Walk In My Shoes Program offers fun, interactive activities designed to provide schools with the tools to encourage and foster a welcoming environment for all students. Walk In My Shoes empathy-building programs are being adapted for school assemblies, small group/classroom, virtual learning, and teacher trainings.
Current activity topics include:  
  • ADHD  
  • Color Vision Deficiency  
  • Communication/Speech   
  • Dyslexia  
  • English Language Learners  
  • Fine Motor Delay  
  • Food Allergies  
  • Movement Disorders  
  • Sensory Processing   
  • Understanding Emotions  
  • Visual Impairment  
  • Visual Motor Integration 
How to use the program
School counselors, teachers, PTAs, homeschool groups, and Pod leaders can use this program to:
  • Support Inclusive Schools Week  
  • Fulfill the PTA mission of being a voice for all students  
  • Create a more welcoming school environment for all students 
Program objectives are to:
  • Increase knowledge about developmental delays and health conditions   
  • Build empathy by taking the perspective of others with health conditions and developmental delays
  • Identify strategies students can use to support peers with health conditions or developmental delays
Our Programs
Walk in my shoes started at Floris E.S. in 2015 as an annual event during Inclusive Schools Week. The original format runs as an assembly during school hours. New versions of the program for classroom/small groups and virtual learners are available. In collaboration with our partners, we are developing a teacher training guide for the Walk In My Shoes program that features activities in Spanish as well as English. To learn more about bringing this program to your school, please contact us at info@walkinmyshoes.net.

 We must encourage kids to DO: help; console; reassure; comfort; aid; speak up; defend---not just feel & think.

 ~Michele Borba, Unselfie