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Our program fosters inclusion by providing empathy-building activities designed to teach elementary school-aged children how to be respectful and inclusive of all children, especially those with medical conditions, English-language learners, developmental challenges, or learning differences. This is a comprehensive program with ideas for pre-teaching in the days leading up to the event as well as having school counselors debrief with the students after the event to ensure the messages were correctly received. 


This program includes:

  • Morning meeting guide
  • Implementation guide
  • Activity guide
  • 30-minute Zoom orientation/presentation
  • 30-minute Zoom planning meeting
  • 60-minute Zoom volunteer training

Note: Does not include materials for the activities


Current Activity Topics are:

  • ADHD: Distractibility 

  • Autism: Sensory Detective

  • Autism: Sensory Rules

  • Autism: Sensory is Real

  • Autism: Deciphering Emotions

  • Color Vision Deficiency  

  • Communication

  • Dyslexia  

  • English Language Learners  

  • Fine Motor Delay

  • Food Allergies

  • Movement Disorders  

  • Visual Impairment  

  • Visual Motor Integration

  • Coming soon: Hearing Impairment


Contact for access to the files.

Inclusive Schools (grades 3-6)

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