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"Well I really have to say it is a brilliant idea and it’s quite simple. A very easy execution and the kids got really into it! It was so much fun and we learned very fast how we can help our friends and walk in other peoples’ shoes!"

Amanda Scherer, Beech Tree Elementary School Parent

Why Walk In My Shoes?

Accessible World

K-2nd grade

Our K - 2nd-grade program is brand new and currently offers 5 activities. It uses existing children's books and crafts or activities to teach the importance of accessibility.

Current activity topics include:

  1. Accessible Buildings

  2. Class Party Food

  3. English Language Learners

  4. Deciphering Emotions

  5. Respecting Names

Inclusive Schools

3rd-6th grade

Our program fosters inclusion by providing empathy-building activities designed to teach elementary school-aged children how to be respectful and inclusive of all children, especially those with medical conditions, English-language learners, developmental challenges, or learning differences. This is a comprehensive program with ideas for pre-teaching in the days leading up to the event as well as having school counselors debrief with the students after the event to ensure the messages were correctly received.


Recess Oasis

K-6th grade

This program is designed to create a community where students feel a sense of belonging and are accepting of everybody’s differences in order to foster authentic inclusion. This program benefits parents, teachers, and school communities by creating a more socially inclusive school environment. Student participants should fall into one of three groups:


  1. Students with a disability or learning difference - These participants develop vital social skills, empathy, and increased self-esteem as they experience success and recognition for their abilities. 

  2. Students with social or general anxiety - These participants benefit from a supporting environment where they can gradually build confidence, make friends, and feel more comfortable engaging in social activities. 

  3. Students who are interested in learning more about others and forging connections - These participants benefit by gaining increased empathy and understanding, learning valuable skills for effective communication, developing an appreciation for diversity, and often having the opportunity to emerge as leaders and advocates for inclusiveness in their communities.

Check out our Mini Activity Sets!


Thank you so much for all your work in setting up the Walk in My shoes program. This is such a wonderful way to build empathy and understanding in a hands on way. Again, thank you for everything you are doing.

Carrie Townsend, Wolftrap E.S. Parent

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