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This program is designed to create a community where students feel a sense of belonging and are accepting of everybody’s differences in order to foster authentic inclusion. This program benefits parents, teachers, and school communities by creating a more socially inclusive school environment. Student participants should fall into one of three groups:

  • Students with a disability or learning difference - These participants develop vital social skills, empathy, and increased self-esteem as they experience success and recognition for their abilities. 

  • Students with social or general anxiety - These participants benefit from a supporting environment where they can gradually build confidence, make friends, and feel more comfortable engaging in social activities. 

  • Students who are interested in learning more about others and forging connections - These participants benefit by gaining increased empathy and understanding, learning valuable skills for effective communication, developing an appreciation for diversity, and often having the opportunity to emerge as leaders and advocates for inclusiveness in their communities.


This program includes:

  • Implementation guide

  • Activity guide

  • Pre and post tests

  • Facilitator training

  • Youth training


Current Facilitator Training Topics are:

  • Presuming competence

  • Modeling appropriate behavior and connecting with students

  • Not forcing eye contact

  • Communication tips

  • Sensory processing

  • Encouraging autonomy and individuality

  • Respecting the need for routine

  • Attention and perseveration

  • Social anxiety 


Current Youth Training Topics are:

  • Ways they can learn more about other students in their group.

  • Ways they can work together on the activity.

  • How to acknowledge their fellow participants in the hallway or in class. 

  • How to be friendly and inclusive during lunch, recess, or specials classes (such as art, music, PE).

  • How to further build connections during after school or outside of school activities. 

Recess Oasis (grades K-6)

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