Who We Are

The Walk In My Shoes program fosters inclusion by providing empathy-building activities designed to teach elementary school-aged children how to be respectful and inclusive of all children, especially those with medical conditions, developmental challenges, or learning differences.


Our activities:

1) increase knowledge

2) shift perspectives

3) inspire action--the action of being a good friend.

This program teaches children about the importance of accessible environments, fosters inclusive environments for all children which reduces the risk of bullying and isolation, and uplifts parents, whose greatest hope is that their children will feel welcome and safe at school so they may thrive.

What We Offer


The Walk In My Shoes Program offers fun, interactive activities designed to provide schools with the tools to encourage and foster the inclusion of all students. Walk In My Shoes programs can be used as school assemblies or in small group/classrooms. The program cost for the 2022-2023 school year is $450. This includes the program implementation guide, a set of activity descriptions, scripts, and worksheets, a 30-minute virtual planning meeting with your school's event organizers, and a 60-minute virtual training for your school volunteers and teachers who will lead the activities.

Current activity topics are for ages 9 - 14:  


  • ADHD  

  • Color Vision Deficiency  

  • Communication/Speech   

  • Dyslexia  

  • English Language Learners  

  • Fine Motor Delay  


  • Food Allergies

  • Movement Disorders  

  • Sensory Processing   

  • Understanding Emotions  

  • Visual Impairment  

  • Visual Motor Integration

A 30-minute technical assistance planning session is included with the purchase of the program.

A 60-minute volunteer training is included with the purchase of the program.


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This is a unique, flexible, cost-effective, and creative program that empowers school counselors, teachers, PTAs, and  homeschool groups to:

  • Demystify disabilities

  • Create a more welcoming school environment for all students 

  • Reduce bullying and promote inclusion.

  • Support Inclusive Schools Week  

Our Story

The Walk In My Shoes program was inspired by an Autism Awareness event and has evolved into a unique program that ran annually at Floris E.S. from 2015 through 2019. It has since spread to 16 other Fairfax County, VA schools, and is starting to reach other regions, including Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The program has been translated into Spanish and adapted for use with teachers in Mayan Guatemala, and it has been adapted for use with teachers on the Island of St. Maarten as part of a doctoral dissertation.




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