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Providing schools with activities and training to foster inclusion among students

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Accessible World


Story-based activities for K- 2nd-graders that teach kids how to build a more accessible world. Training is not necessary for this program.

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Inclusive Schools

3rd-6th grade

A set of fun activities designed to teach students how to be more inclusive of all kids, for 3rd Grade and up. Comes with technical assistance and training.

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Recess Oasis


The Recess Oasis (TRO) is an alternative recess program designed to increase inclusion, decrease social isolation, and build a stronger sense of community among students who participate in the program. Training is included.

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What Kids Are Saying About Walk In My Shoes


"Now I will help other people."


"It really gives you perspective."


"It taught me that some people function differently."


"Our school's first Walk In My Shoes Event surpassed my expectations! Those Aha! moments I had, along with witnessing the students' own realizations, are truly priceless. It's heartwarming to see how impactful this program is in real time. These experiences foster empathy, understanding, and connection among participants. Walking in someone else's shoes allows us to learn how we can help our friends, speak up in support of others and provide tools to help kids be inclusive with friends that have different abilities than they do! I am truly grateful for how much of Margaret Behrns' time and dedication is spent on making these events successful! Margaret's passion is contagious, and her program is one of a kind! My hope is Walk In My Shoes Events can be offered at all our elementary schools as everyone involved will benefit from this program."

Lilly Sahda, Beech Tree Elementary


From L.E. Reinsborough Elementary School, Canada:


"This is so different! Other programs are so typical and have the same information."


"This is not overly complicated, it is very clear-cut. It has everything you need to run the program in the files."


"What's great about this is that I don't have to be the one who does all the activities. I could easily explain this to any of our teachers and they would be able to run them."


"Putting together the activity kits helps you get a handle on what the activity is about and makes the prep fun!"


"It is, at the same time, so well structured that anyone can use it, but so adaptable depending on who we want to use it for (different types of student populations)!"

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